Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Protect Your Vehicle with XPEL Paint Protection Films

Discover the excellence of Unlimited Wraps’ Paint Protection Film Services. We are dedicated to safeguarding the beauty and structural integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork. Our expertise, combined with the entire Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS line-up, ensures optimal protection against daily wear, including scuffs, scratches, chips, and more. The Xpel PPF is a high-performance, virtually invisible, self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film; meticulously crafted, it provides your vehicle with the ultimate shield. 

Protecting is Investment

Shielding against scratches, chips, and the elements – Fortifying Your Vehicle's Resilience!

Daily driving exposes your vehicle to a range of hazards, including road debris, UV rays, and accidental scratches, all of which can harm its paint. These imperfections not only detract from the vehicle’s aesthetics but also reduce its resale value. We understand the challenges of keeping a flawless exterior, which is why we assure you of your satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is our commitment, and we guarantee it! We look forward to giving you the finest protection and service you’ve ever experienced. 

Unmatched Paint Protection


With over 15 years of industry expertise and a record of collaborating with numerous brands, here at Unlimited Wraps we’ve exclusively employed Xpel’s products on the past 5 years! The exceptional quality, seamless installation process, and longevity of Xpel’s polyurethane films, coupled with our skilled team of professionals, have culminated in the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction available in Miami and its surrounding areas. 

Why Choose Us

Expertise, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle’s paint, Unlimited Wraps emerges as the top choice. Backed by years of industry experience, our skilled team holds the knowledge required to achieve outstanding results. We are dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies, top-tier materials, and employing precise installation techniques for optimal protection. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to surpass expectations, offering peace of mind and delivering a stunning protected vehicle. 


Paint protection film, also known as PPF, is a clear, thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of vehicles. It provides a protective layer that shields against scratches, chips, and other damage caused by road debris, UV rays, and environmental elements.

The lifespan of paint protection film can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the film, the environment in which the vehicle is driven, and how well it is maintained. Typically, our premium PPF from Xpel can last up to 10 years, providing long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s paint. 

Yes, paint protection film can be removed without causing any damage to the underlying paint. Professional removal techniques and tools are used to ensure a clean and safe removal process. It is recommended to have the film removed by experts to avoid any potential issues.

After installation, Xpel’s ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is nearly invisible, preserving the original appearance of your vehicle. It sustains the color, shine, and clarity of the original paint, allowing your vehicle’s beauty to shine while offering effective protection against damage. Studies have demonstrated that installing PPF reduces the orange peel effect, and on metallic paint, it enhances color vibrancy. 

Xpel’s Paint Protection films are relatively low maintenance. It can be cleaned using mild automotive soaps and water, and regular washing and drying techniques. We recommend avoiding using abrasive cleaners or tools that could damage the film. Additionally, professional maintenance services may be available to ensure the longevity and performance of the film.