Paint Correction
and Ceramic Coating

Stubborn Buffer-marks? Paint defects? We hate those too!

We got you!

The term “paint correction” has become a common expression embraced by car enthusiasts and professional detailers worldwide. It encompasses the restoration and enhancement of a vehicle’s paintwork, focusing on eliminating surface imperfections that lead to dullness, oxidation, or haziness. These imperfections can disrupt the reflection of light, detracting from the true, clean, sharp, and reflective appearance that enthusiasts and detailers aim to achieve. 

Restoring and Protecting Your Paintwork

Eliminating Imperfections and Preventing Future Damage

Why is it necessary? Paint correction stands as the most effective method for eliminating swirl marks and scratches resulting from poor washing techniques, automatic car wash systems, and environmental damages. Through its careful process it restores the deep reflection and clarity of the paint, elevating the visual appearance beyond its original state. In fact, many individuals may not be aware that their newly purchased vehicles, despite being brand new, often have imperfections in the paint. Indeed, it has been researched and proven that most vehicles fresh out of dealers have imperfections and scuff marks received during the process of getting it ready for the buyer.  

How We Do It

Every vehicle undergoes a series of distinct processes tailored to its individual characteristics. We consider factors such as brand, color, and paint condition, and employ a blend of cutting-edge compounds featuring state-of-the-art nano-technology-based diminishing abrasives… The results are as impressive as this sounds. With the correct techniques, we consistently achieve outstanding results. 

Flawless Finish and Long-Lasting Protection


At Unlimited Wraps, we utilize state-of-the-art techniques in paint correction to eradicate imperfections and rejuvenate your vehicle’s paintwork to a flawless finish. We take pride in exclusively employing Xpel Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating products to safeguard both the exterior and interior surfaces of your vehicle from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids. FUSION PLUS provides resistance against light scratches and fading. With its hydrophobic properties, it repels dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean and ensuring a head-turning appearance for years to come.

(XPEL Fusion Plus)

XPEL FUSION PLUS is a thin and flexible 9H ceramic coating specifically designed to complement PPF (paint protection film) and painted surfaces. 

XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating delivers unparalleled gloss, exceptional hydrophobic protection, and enhanced scratch resistance through a single-layer application. Its ability to repel water and other liquids from the paint not only simplifies cleaning but also reduces the adherence of dirt and contaminants. Additionally, it provides protection against harmful UV rays. 

FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating enhances depth, improves shine, and enhances surface clarity, all while providing your vehicle with protection from the elements through its super hydrophobic formula. 

We offer various ceramic applications for the exterior, including paint, exterior black trim, wheels, calipers, windows, and soft tops for convertibles. 

Interior: Upholstery (Fine leathers and delicate fabric)

Why Choose Us

Expert Technicians, Premium Products, and Customer Satisfaction

Choosing Unlimited Wraps for your paint correction and ceramic coating needs guarantees exceptional results. Our team of expert technicians possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver meticulous paint correction and flawlessly apply ceramic coatings. We only work with Xpel Products that are known for their quality and durability. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values, and we strive to exceed your expectations, leaving you with a perfectly finished vehicle that shines with pride.


Paint correction is a process that involves removing imperfections from the surface of a vehicle’s paint, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. It restores the paint’s clarity and smoothness, enhancing its overall appearance.

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, is a liquid polymer that is applied to a vehicle’s paint surface. It forms a protective layer that bonds with the paint, providing long-lasting shine, protection against UV rays, chemical stains, and minor scratches, and making the surface easier to clean.

The longevity of ceramic coating can vary depending on factors such as the type of the coating, the environmental conditions the vehicle is exposed to, and how well it is maintained. Our Xpel FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating line-up contains coatings of different purposes. FUSION PLUS PREMIUM, our frequently used product, can endure for up to eight (8) years, FUSION PLUS SATIN for up to four (4) years, FUSION PLUS WHEEL & CALIPER for up to three (3) years, FUSION PLUS GLASS for up to two (2) years, FUSION PLUS UPHOLSTERY for up to two (2) years, FUSION PLUS MARINE for up to three (3) years, and finally, FUSION PLUS AIRCRAFT lasts for a period of two (2) years. Each offers their unique and remarkable results when it comes to protecting and enhancing the paint’s appearance. 

Yes, paint correction is highly recommended before applying ceramic coating. Paint correction ensures that the paint surface is free from imperfections, allowing the ceramic coating to bond properly and provide optimal results. It creates a smooth and flawless foundation for the coating, maximizing its effectiveness and enhancing the overall finish.

Yes, ceramic coatings are versatile and can be applied to surfaces beyond paint, including glass, wheels, plastic trims, and metal surfaces. These coatings provide protection, hydrophobic properties, and simplified maintenance for these surfaces, effectively prolonging the lifespan and enhancing their aesthetics. Explore our range of coatings from Xpel in the previous questions.